Map of the Philippines

Hi, I'm Lemuria. My name is already taken on a lot of other websites; if that happens I usually go by a_random_lemurian instead. I'm from the Philippines, with an interest in linguistics, fictional maps, and so much more.

Socials and links

Of course I have socials, because then how else would I exist on the net?

I don't stream or make videos, but I leave comments.


OpenGeofiction is a fictional mapping website that I was most active in during 2023. I still exist on the website.

More information here.


I have a major linguistics obsession. I have no degrees (yet).

I also made a conlang called Thiguka. Most documentation of it is on the Conlangs Discord Network, but hopefully I'll be able to release more Thiguka materials onto GitHub.


Lemuria is the name of a lost continent in the Indian Ocean. I adopted the name from when I had an interest in it, and it has since stuck.

Other entities named "Lemuria"

Any and all organizations that sell "Lemurian seed crystals" are scammers who engage in gross misuse of my name to spread their spiritual "holistic" nonsense. Stop it. No, I will not take your money as "licensing fees", because I do not wish to profit off gullible spiritual people.

I am also not affiliated with a group of two restaurants named "Lemuria" in BGC and Quezon City. They have been using the name longer than me, but given that both entities have different interests (computers and food service respectively), and that nobody has reached out to me with an inquiry clearly meant for the restaurant, I should be fine.

The Lemuria wordmark, which appears below, is my logo, and should hopefully distinguish me from all the other impersonators entities.

A light-blue rectangle with one white pyramid on top of two smaller white pyramids with a triangle-shaped space in the middle that is light blue, representing a symbol known in video gaming as the 'Triforce'. To the right of the light-blue rectangle is the text 'Lemuria', in Gentium font. Lemuria calls this logo the 'Lemuria wordmark'.